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Our Story

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Who are we?

Home bodies..
That goes without saying. We LOVE our homes and are a little obsessed with making them beautiful, comfortable and inviting for our family and friends. We are lucky enough to have built careers of our passion and collectively we have been 'professional home makers' for well over 20 years.
Interior lovers..
We believe that good design can transform a house from a soulless, empty space into a gorgeous, vibrant home, have witnessed this first hand and been privileged enough to help in that transformation. 
We believe that one size DOES NOT fit all and there is no such thing as BAD TASTE, only different taste. And that is not being politically correct, its just a fact!
There are NO RULES, yes there are good practices, but everyone's home is unique, every building is different, occupied by its own family with its own story and its own collection of life's memorabilia and inherited furniture. 
Globe trotters..
We are living in a global community and our generation are globe trotters, exploring amazing places from Machu Picchu to Ko Samui, Barcelona to Botswana, and while baggage restrictions may stop us from bringing back rugs and tables from far-flung markets (sometimes!) we are often inspired by our experiences, by other cultures and design influences.

Working in the ID industry for many years, we have sourced interior products from all around the world and have found that there are many incredible suppliers as well as many small local independents and Artists that are not widely available in the UK.

So we decided to do something about it in our own small way. Creating a collective of suppliers, artists and interior nuts who all share one thing, a LOVE for INTERIORS.

And so began White & Grey.

We believe that small, beautiful things can make a difference to our lives. So our little team are constantly on the hunt for beautifully made, affordable and stylish furniture, accessories and artistic pieces. 

White & Grey Living..
What is the White & Grey style? Our style is relaxed, cosy and comfortable, yet stylish and bang on-trend. We do not offer one specific look, as we know we are all different and have our own vibe.
What we share is a passion for Interiors!
Home and home-making is a way of life for you and us, especially in these times of uncertainty. We regularly invest in our homes and quality and affordability are really important to us. So we have been uncompromising in sourcing the most reasonably priced, design lead, quality products for you. 
We have grouped these products into carefully curated collections which work together in distinctive styles. Check out our Four Collections. 
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We know that sometimes it doesn't come easy and you may find it difficult to pull your style together, that's where our Interior Design expertise can help. So if you have any design questions, feel free to drop us a line for some free advice.
We hope you enjoy our shop and would love to hear your comments and stories, so please join our White & Grey community on Pinterest or our Blogs.
Welcome!! We look forward to getting to know you and your home x