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New Modern Collection

This is not a style that is extreme in any way, it's not radical and it's certainly not boring! It's smart but casual, it is found in modern city apartments and newly renovated period properties and it's the New Modern.

This is your style if you like treasured possessions and heirloom/ retro furniture mixed with sleek modern sofas and contemporary accessories and furniture. You love block colours, often with a soft, slightly muted tone and patterns that are inspired by nature. This is not a Maximalist style!  Its a love of Monochrome (tones of the same colour) with pops of contrasting colour. 

Everything has it's place and everything matches but its not a show home!  The kids artwork is on the fridge but you have tea-towels that co-ordinate with the colour of your kitchen :)

To create this style to best effect, keep your decorating palette to a minimum and play with various tones of a few key colours as we have done in this beautiful bedroom mood-board for Winter 2017/2018.


Reference Images:- Ellie Saab Spring; Derek Swalwell Photography; bird image courtesy of Pinterest original source unknown