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Going Back to Nature!

It's a funny old world we are living in at the moment, such political and economic uncertainty can be hugely unsettling!! So it's probably no coincidence that many of us are returning to the familiarity and certainty of natural materials and motifs in our homes, as there is nothing more comforting and grounding than the familiar.

But as with any good trend this is not a re-hashing of previous eras, or an overdose of Retro. There is a freshness to this look and a throughly modern use of traditional materials and prints. 

Here's our top 5 from the Back to Nature Trend ...

Raw Timber

This has been an emerging trend for some time now, but as with many trends which begin with top designers it is finally breaking into the mainstream and becoming more affordable. Pick your pieces carefully to ensure they retain a refinement and are not too rustic.  And don't confuse this with the industrial look, this celebrates the raw beauty of natural materials. 

Maison de Objet 2016 Now's Home raw wood Maison de Objet 
raw edge floating shelvesFloating Raw-Edge Shelving :-
barn wood barn in the city showerReclaimed Barnwood used as a stunning shower-wall by Barn-in-the-City:-
brian yates wallpaper
Raw Timber side table against a Brian Yates Wallcoverings:-


Indoor Garden

It seems that everybody, even the die hard 'I kill all indoor plants' type, is embracing the life enhancing powers of indoor plants. Add to the real thing with a shot of Botanical inspired fabric or wallpaper. There's a gorgeous freshness about this look, especially in the depths of winter! Bringing the outside in is good for the soul and you can't help but feel a little sunnier! Or go big and bold and dark with giant blooms which are set to be one of the biggest trends for 2018.

Romo Fabrics Villa Nova Hana Japanese wisteriaVilla Nova's Hana collection:-
Brian Yates Green weathered wall natural texture wallpaperWe LOVE this Green Weathered Wallcovering from Brian Yates :-
Romo Fabrics Black Edition Herbaria Collection 2017 Floral fabricBlack Edition Herbaria Collection ~ :-
Wall mural ferns Brian YatesA stunning wall mural by Brian Yates ~ a modern take on nature inspired wallpapers:-


Lovely Linen

THE fabric choice for many of the top Interior Design houses for a few years now, this most natural of all fabrics is now being found everywhere. Not a choice for anyone with OCD, but if you are into a relaxed and lived-in look you'll love it!  Usually dyed with gorgeous washed-out colours, it also looks great in brighter colours and it is well worth spending that little bit extra to get the real thing! 

Damaris Romo Fabrics washed linen   Damaris Linen by Romo Fabrics:-

natural linen cushions blush grey taupe

Linen cushions blue grey blush

 Cushions in Belgian Linen

Cork it! 

This is a beautiful tactile material and is ecologically friendly because it is extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak which renews every 9 years or so. Originally a popular material in the 70's, the use of cork today is on a totally different level. Extremely versatile, it looks fantastic with many different styles from Natural to Lux and is being used in amazingly creative ways!  

Cork Light pendant Simple Forms DesignCork Pendant :-
Cork salt and pepper shaker  Fabulous design from Portugal :-

Enchanted Woods Supernatural Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

We love this gorgeous Cork Wallcovering in multiple finishes with a shot of metallic for a great contemporary look! Use it on a whole wall or ceiling coffer (trust me it looks incredible) for dramatic effect. 

Cork and metallic Enchanted Woods Phillip Jeffries wallcovering wallpaper Enchanted Woods ~ Supernatural Cork Wallcovering:-

The Butterfly Effect

It's already a motif that's been seen on the catwalk and it's fluttering into our homes as well.  What's not to love? Small, colourful and naturally beautiful the Butterfly motif looks fabulous in bold colours against pure white or in a dark interior for maximum effect! 

 Matthew Williamson Narissa Wallpaper
The Narissa Wallpaper from Matthew Williamson was created by individually photographing a collection of framed butterflies that the designer collected from London antique markets:- 
Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade
The detail in Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade design is beautiful :-
Pols Potten Butterfly Tea-lightThis super cute Butterfly Hurricane Lantern is from Pols Potten


Matthew Williamson Butterfly Marble fabric in Teal
Matthew Williamson Butterfly Marble Fabric for Duresta


The Butterfly Effect is " a small change in one state that may produce a cumulatively large effect in a later state" so the theory says. Let's hope the emerging trend for the beautiful butterfly motif is indicative of positive change in the world! 

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