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The times they are a-changing!

New Beginnings

There's something in the air, The weather is changing, have you noticed? The early mornings are dew laden and there is a chill in the air. We feel it more 'up north', a  good few weeks ahead of those in the South still basking in long summer days in London's parks.  Autumn is around the corner and the shops are already selling winter gear! 

But this is more than another seasonal change, so much more. We're living in exciting times, thrilling times, scary times!! Everything seems to be changing, seriously, every where I look people are quitting jobs, getting divorced, moving house, moving continent, stating something new. And it's not just the ordinary people like you and me. Who would have predicted the huge shake up in Great Britain in the last year, not to mention the disturbing events across the pond! Now I'm not interested in politics, my Dad tried for years to get me to engage in conversations about it to no avail, but even I couldn't ignore the events of the last 18 months!! 

Everything is changing!  

Quitting your job and going self employed in a world of such uncertainty seems loony, but somehow to me it feels just right. So I did it! And here I am on a glorious August Bank Holiday Monday and I decided it was time to start my inaugural blog for my brand new adventure...White & Grey.

It'll soon be time to see what wonders the World of Interiors has in store for this new season and for our new web-store. Every September anyone whose anyone in interior design heads to the biggest and the best interiors show on the planet, Maison & Objet Paris.

Paris! What's not to love, forget the old cliches of star-struck lovers locking padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge, Paris is the City of Style. And not just in Fashion, the sprawling trade show at 'Maison', as it is nicknamed, covers 7 colossal exhibition halls and is home to the best Interior products that the world has to offer.

We shall be packing our comfiest trainers and our brand new business cards and we will seek out the leaders of style, we'll bounce on sofas, find the most interesting home accessories, we will discover the best new manufacturers for all you Home Lovers out there. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! 

Wish us Luck !




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